Are you doing job?

Are you on Linkedin having professional profile?

Many of you doing job in IT sector may be having Linkedin profile but don't you think you could take one step further and have your own blog/website under your own domain and showcase your work and endorsement to the world apart from Linkedin Profile?

Many of you will agree with me and many won't but those who are agree and to conveyance those who are not I'm giving you a  reasons you should have your blog online.

1.Its helps you to build your Name Branding: Don't you want people remember you with your name? I think many of you want, It doesn't mean that starting blog will make you famous like Amitabh Bachhan no but people in your job community.


1.Write informative post in your niche.
2.Share tricks only you know.
3.Endorse your colleagues for their good work or trick they shared with you also employes at other company. Let them know by tagging in Facebook or Twitter. This will also bring traffic to your blog.

2. It will help you earn extra money online:


1.Monetize you blog with Google Adsense.
2.Use Affiliate products.
3.In India sell product from Flipkart and earn commission, Use Amazon Affiliate if you're not in India.

How i can start a blog it cost 10000 Rupees to start?

No with Bluehost you can start blog in under 4 minutes with this simple DIY ( do it yourself ) video on Youtube
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