Today in this blog post I’d like to tell you a simple way "How To Open a Blog” But before I’d like to share a simple story:

Back in 2006 when I started blogging I always used Blogspot which is Google owned service.

I use to open multiple blogs under different niche and always hope to make money online but never made. One day my friend asked me to start my blog under my own domain which I always thought off.

But couldn't able to start because I need a web designer and developer to start designing and developing my blog which could cost me around 20,000 Rupees at that time.

But today for you guys I’m sharing with you a simple video by which you can start your blog under your owned domain without need of any designer and developer within 4 minutes.

Also I’m sharing with you a Free tool by which you can join your offer’s to make money online.

But before I start I’d like to tell you that you will never going to get success making money online if you don’t have genuine list of unique and targeted email list. I’ll also cover how to build list on your blog in the later section of this post.

1.Open a Blog now

The Video below will teach you how to: You can also find Bluehost discounted link here

Assuming you already have your blog after using steps in Video now choose your offers with this free tool and make money online.

2.Offervault: Offervault is search engine of CPA( Cost per action ), Pay Per Call offers etc.

Where you can find offer relevant to your niche and country.

Just sign up for affiliate provider ( see Network column ) write blog post and link your affiliate link under your post.

3.Blog Traffic:- Submit your blog under blog directories to get traffic.

My favorite sites

4.Email list: Email list is like a ATM card which I can scratch anytime and earn money. This is the best part which can ensure you earning money if you have decent email list.

Tips to grow your email list.

1.Use free tool Many Contacts
2.Use free tool HelloBar
3.Use pop-up form to grab emails.
4.Use blog post footer.
5.Use sidebar.

I strongly recommended Aweber to build your email list and send periodic emails to your list and earn money online.

But don’t push only commercial emails I’d advise you to send helpful emails all the 29 days of the month and send only 1 email which contain affiliate link, Although helpful emails which contain link of your post already having affiliate link inside the blog post. You only need to generate traffic on the post.

Also - If you know anyone who want to start a blog may be your friends or family members, share this link with them.

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