Earning money online is always hard  if you're just starting or you have started but not making single Rupee, This is a common problem faced by many bloggers out there, So i have decided to put together an expert round up and invited 4 top bloggers from India to share their one best tip " Make Money Online"

Question I Asked :- What is one tip you'd give starter looking to make money online?

Bishal Biswas: SEO Analysts and Blogger at Viral Blog Tips Follow him on Google+ 

If it is concern making money online (as a beginner), then one can opt for Freelancing as because if you are having any talent (no matter what is it), you can earn through it very easily. But, rather focusing on money, I would suggest focusing on contents as it matter a lot. You can easily making thousand of dollar, online, if you are having a foundation of great articles which are both valuable and inspiring. And perhaps if you are able to do so, you are just few steps away from making money online.

S. Pradeep Kumar: CEO & Founder of Slash Square  and Hello Bound Blogger  Follow Him on Google+

Instead of creating goals like 'Earn 10K this month' or 'Create 100 Sales this week', you can focus on building a stream that will simplify people's needs. Be a guide to them and help them. By helping them you become a bridge between them and the solution. Now your target or goal is to make money with that solution. Give them a reason why this product simplifies their lives, review them, give them and make money out of it. In other words, this is called as "Affiliate Marketing".

Vivek Srivastav: Founder of Monkshouts Follow him on Google+

Being an affiliate marketer and internet marketing consultant, I always read people talking about affiliate marketing success. Many times its sheer luck, but if you want to make your own sustainable online business, I suggest focus on list building and then promote the products using email rather than just sending users to affiliate promotion pages. The best method for this is to use landing pages for each product which you promote, collect the visitor information and then let them go to affiliate product website.

Why I suggest this long and big process? Imagine, a user purchasing the product using the affiliate link which makes you a winner for the first time but in reality you loose big bucks for rest of the purchases as that user will not come to your page again and again. By list building, you can send the affiliate links to thousands of products and if they believe you enough, they will purchase the new product using only your referral.

Esha Upadhyay: Works at Udinra Follow her on Google+

Do not concentrate on making money instead concentrate on increasing traffic.earning will come as a side product

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