22 Proven ways to make money onlineDo you want to earn money online?

But not getting the right idea?

Then in this post you’ll going to learn 22 proven ways to earn money online.

Let me start…..


Are you expert in something? Then you should bring all your expertise online and make money. To get start you need to blog about your expertise and solve the problem people are facing in your niche.

Big question:- How would I make money solving problems?

Answer:- People buy or opt-in for services only when they trust something. Would you ever buy mobile phone before getting in-depth knowledge of its features or without reading its review? I know you will say NO.

You have to educate people looking for services or product in your category and you will earn money with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Building email list. More in the later of this post.

It doesn't mean you have to start review blog, you can start blogging about anything you have in-depth knowledge off, It could be Astrology blog or Travel Blog etc.

Big question:- Do I need technical expertise?

Answer:- No, To start your blog you don’t need any technical expertise. You need to Sign Up for Bluehost account, after signing up you have to watch video Shot by Pat Flynn ( See Below )and you will be ready with your blog in less than 4 minutes. What, In less than 4 minutes ? I say yes in less then 4 minutes.

You Need:-

1.Hosting which you already got from Bluehost.

2.Custom theme for your blog which you can get from DIYthemes
   (Only if you need professional looking blog)

3.Long tail keyword research software( Start your free trial now, No credit card required)

4.Email marketing software Aweber.

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2.Affiliate Marketing:

Assuming you already created a blog and published 5 posts got handful of quality editorial backlinks and getting traffic, Now its time to start making money from your blog with proven affiliate marketing strategies.

How ? :

There are many affiliate marketing websites offer solution for both advertisers and publishers.

Advertiser:- Are those who want to market their product  or services by paid advertising.
Publisher:-Are those who make money promoting product or services of these advertisers.

But before signing up for any affiliate i recommended free service OfferVault where you just have to search with your keyword and you will be provided with best suitable offer to promote on your website like Lead, Sale or call.

Pay per lead:- You’ll be paid whenever user signup for advertiser services with email.

Pay Per Sale:- You’ll be paid whenever user buy your product from your website.

Pay Per Call:- You’ll be paid whenever user call on the number of service provider.

Assuming you got your offer now click that offer and you’ll be redirected to Join network page( you can find join button at the end of the page).

Now join and promote those services within your website.


1.You can link to your affiliate link within your post.
2.Put banners in the right sidebar of your blog.
3.Create resource page like i have created over here.
4.Email your list which you’re going to built with Aweber. ( See below)

3.Email List:

After you created a blog you need email list which you can build with the help of Aweber, 
Now integrate Aweber with Optinskin.

With Optinskin you can:

#1 Split-Test Your Way to Higher Conversion Rates.

#2 Fully Customise 18 Default Designs.

#3 Draw Attention to Your Opt-in Forms with 'Fade'.

#4 Impressions Only Count If Your Form is Seen.

#5 OptinSkin Can Power Your Custom Designs.

#6 Place Skins Anywhere On Your Blog with One Click

#7 Make More Money With an (Optional) Affiliate Link

#8 Works with All Email Marketing Services including Aweber.

How to use it effectively:

1.Identify your best posts receiving good traffic with the help of Google Analytics

in the left bar click “ Behaviour”
Then click “ Site Content”
Then click “Landing page”
Then click “ All Pages

You’ll get top performing pages getting lots of traffic.

What is Google analytics? :- Google analytics tracks visitors behaviour on your website, Visitors, Traffic source, Traffic referral source. Learn more about Google Analytics.

2.Add attractive customize skin inside each post.

3.Use different themes and split test and keep the winning skin.

Now I’d like to share more methods to grab visitor email.

4..Use blog above fold and ask for email by offering free guide which you can create free.

5Use your expertise and create guide for example “101 tips to become good writer”
Open word and write your expert tips, after completing convert it to PDF with free PDF converter  and upload to your root.

6.Use your blog right sidebar to capture emails by offering free guide.

7.Use your post footer and capture emails.

8.You know what Optinskin can do this for you in minute, So i recommended it strongly.

9.Send emails with the help of aweber whenever you write new post having affiliate link.

10Set autoresponder and send monthly newsletter.

11.Send recommendation of product which you’re affiliate.

4.Selling images:

Are you a expert photographer or photography is your passion?
Then you can make money by  enjoying clicking great photographs.
You can sell your images to Stock photography sites.


More sites : Excellent post written by James George 15 places to sell your images.

You can also start your own photography blog and make money by 2 ways:
2.Selling images to photography site i shared above.


Are you a expert web designer and creates beautiful usable web designs then 99design.com is perfect destination, You just have to signup and submit your designs anytime your design is liked or suits to anyone then they will buy it, My friend is making more than Rs 30000 per month with 99 design so i recommended it strongly to web designers.

Excellent post explain do's and don't of 99design and Fiverr by Arthur Burlo.


Do you you creates lots of funny or informational videos then youtube is goldmine for you.

1.Sign up for Youtube but you don’t need if you already have gmail account.

2.Open Youtube and upload your videos.

3.Assuming people are liking your video and sharing it,  Now its time to make money.

4.Open Youtube Monetization link in your browser and click monetize videos then you have to create your Google adsense account with your account information.

5.Just check monetize video in your channel setting and you’re all done, Check your adsense account for the money you have earned with your videos.

With field agent you can earn $1 and $12 by completing simple task with your iPhone for that you need to download field agent application on your phone you can get it over here at iTunes .

What will I be asked to do?

A common example of one of jobs is an item price check with a photo. The App will instruct you to go to your local discount store, find a specific product, take a photo of it on the shelf and enter its price. This type of job is easy to complete, but is very important to companies who need insight on their competition.

Another simple job example is a survey. Brands often need the opinion of consumers just like you. Surveys are distributed in the same method as other jobs, except you can complete the job and make money from any location.

You can find similar services with fantastic post 10 Mobile Apps that earn you real cash and rewards written by Kay Tan at Hongkiat.

Kay Tan at Hongkiat .

8.Buying/Selling domains:

Online startups always search for their favorite domain and they use Godaddy or there preferred hosting provider but you can make money buying and selling domain that are expired or hot  and trade them afterwards.


Are you a professional web developer, web  designer or any other you could make money by completing task.

Main Categories covered:

Engineering Jobs
Freelance Blogger

You can sign up with Elance, find job and earn money.

Many companies relying on Elance from where they outsource project and gradually there profile earn respect  then they start getting projects of higher amount like 5000$ to 50000$.

10.Get-paid-to Sites:

You get paid just by clicking on ads or Viewing ad for certain time.
I personally don’t like them because earning potential is very less in these kind of websites are not legit.

Some sites are:-
2. Survey Scout

11. Ebay:

You can sell anything from used jeans to pen in the ebay network.
I personally recommend selling ebooks on ebay by which you can make huge money online.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an eBay account.

Step 2: Find something to sell.

Step 3: Research

Step 4: Market it

Step 5: List it

Step 6: Fulfillment

Read complete post how to make money by ebay by Ramit Sethi

12: iTunes:

You can make money by linking to mobile apps and make money with qualified revenue generated by your affiliate link.


There are many companies out there who need opinion to make their product or services better, for that they pay money just by fulfilling small surveys and you get paid sharing your opinion.

Here is the list of 20 survey websites with Do’s and Don’ts written by Jenny Keefe.

14.Referral Programs:

If you already signed up with affiliate program, You know you can earn by referring your friends or family member to join affiliate program and you can earn money in tiers.


Are you business owner or professional? Then why don’t you bring your business online and generate more customers locally.

You Need:

1.Hosting with BlueHost.

2.Designer and developer to design your Business or professional website.

3.After having website submit it to Google+ local, Local yellow pages and drive new customers to your business.

16.eCommerce Stores:

Are you a manufacturer or supplier or retailer? Why don’t you sell your product online. You can find new buyers and expand your business globally.

You need:
1.Hosting from Bluehost
2. eCommerce Website with shopping cart.

Refer to this post i wrote earlier Easy way to make money online

Recommended Shopping cart :-Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce

I strongly urge you guys not to try it unless you know how to use it effectively otherwise you will lose money.

You can go through guide created by Google to learn in deep about Google Adwords.


Create your own ebook and sell it on eBay, Amazon or Clickbank
Great post written by Tim Ferriss How $1,000,000 selling ebooks online.

You might be wondering why i haven’t mentioned Google adsense until now, it is because of simple reason, Google adsense policy for India says that your website should be 6 months older with unique content and should adhere with its policy.

If your website according to its policy then you should go ahead and join Google Adsense.

20. Infolinks:

Like Google Adsense its an Pay per click program where you get paid whenever someone click on your ads but its ad format is different from Google Adsense. You can make huge money when used properly.

Unlike Google Adsense, Indian publishers are not allowed to join Yahoo Publisher Network.

22. BuySellAds:

To get included in their network you need fair amount of traffic so if you’re just starting join it after your blog getting good traffic.

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