Amazon Affiliate Store Builder:
Want to know what is Amazon Affiliate Store Builder

Do you want to make money online?

Do you want to Built an Amazon Affiliate Store and make huge money like I'm making?

Do you want to built your own eCommerce affiliate website without any IT knowledge? 

Today in this post I'm going to show you how to do all this under 1 hour and start your own online Amazon Store.

1. What is Amazon Affiliate store?

An online eCommerce website  where you sell amazon products and get commission on each product you sold.

2.Do you need any expertise?

Answer in one word: NO


Let me start telling my own journey:

Few months a ago or I should say from last 2 years I was promoting eCommerce stores of my clients ( I'm a Digital Marketing Expert ) and really feel happy when they make money selling their products online.

I handled 7 eCommerce website clients and some of they are selling Amazon products on their website and making money.

I always wondered when will I can start my own online Amazon affiliate store because I too want to earn money with on my store.

But I could not able to start because it needs technical expertise like web developing.

Then on 10 August I got an email from Fresh Store Builder asking me to use there free demo of Amazon Store builder I quickly signup because it was free demo, Soon after using it for one day I realized that my hope of having my own Amazon affiliate store now could be fulfilled.

So then I upgraded my Fresh store Builder to full access. and the best part is they give all users 30 Days 100% money refund policy.

How I build my own Amazon Store and how you can too?

Before you start you need domain hosting because you want to have your own domain to start your Amazon affiliate website. So I started looking for my domain and headed over to Bluehost, You can use any hosting provider of your like but I used Bluehost because I trust them because when I was launching my affiliate website I stucked to some place where I thought my hope is now over, then I contacted Bluehost support and they solved my problem under 2 minutes.


Now my website is up, Now the only steps I need to take is that I have to get Amazon API and need to configure it with my store.

Here is the simple steps i followed while building my Amazon Affiliate Store.

1. I registered my own domain and hosting using Bluehost 

2.Signed up with Amazon Affiliate Program using my new domain I bought with Bluehost:

You can signup choosing Amazon program of your country below using your new domain.

Amazon Affiliate for India

Amazon Affiliate for USA
Amazon Affiliate for UK
Amazon Affiliate for Germany
Amazon Affiliate for Japan
Amazon Affiliate for Italy
Amazon Affiliate for Canada
Amazon Affiliate for France
Amazon Affiliate for Spain

3.Signed up with Fresh Store Builder as premium member.

4.Used steps in this video below to install FSB to my Website:

5.Set my Amazon affiliate store using this simple video below, In some condition you may face problem setting up Amazon API but don't worry Carry of FSB has shared me an easy link to setup Amazon API

Now today I'm really happy to have my own website with FSB and can built unlimited stores under different domain names with only one Fresh Store Builder account only thing I have to buy is Domain without hosting because Bluehost has already given me unlimited hosting.

Sorry many of you might be thinking that why this guy not shared his store name here, Its is because of simple reason my niche of store is under kitchen and want to built relevant links to my store.

Here is the link of some store built using Fresh Store Builder.

But Before you start I request you all to choose niche which is less competitive so that you can make money quickly and easily.

Also if you're not convinced you can still use Fresh Store Builder Demo and later if you're convinced you can upgrade to Fresh Store Builder and build your own Amazon Affiliate store using your own domain

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