As we all know blog commenting helps in link building, but the only problem commenter face is approval. So here I'm going to give you a tip to get your blog comment approve faster.

But before i continue, I would like to focus you on some points :-

  1. Comment should be relevant, Do not spam.
  2. Read blog post carefully then comment.
  3. Ask question, It will help in engaging.

So I used the title "How to get blog comment instantly approved"

As we all know that twitter search is not based on SEO techniques but yeah little SEO emerge in twitter too like updating you twitter status with keywords. Twitter search is live update of tweets. So here twitter will help you to find blogs to comment and approved instantly how :-

Suppose you are looking for real estate blogs and your want to comment on real estate blogs. Search with the term real estate in twitter search, you will see that all updates are added with the difference of few minutes or seconds. Open blogs and comment. Now you will think how this comment will be instantly approved. Simple answer : If blog is post before minute so it is 90% of possibility that the blog owner is still online and he/she will read and will take the decision to approve your comment. So very much possibility of instant approval other wise you have to wait for the blog owner to be online and approve your comment.
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