Recently aReverse SEO regular reader of my blog asked me about reverse Seo.So in this post I'm covering What is Reverse SEO and Reverse SEO Strategies.

What is Reverse SEO :- Reverse SEO is an online reputation management, Protect your brand or company from negative review. Now let me explain you with an example.

Suppose you had a Web design Company and with good numbers of client.One of your client didn’t like your prices and, although you had no contract, he somehow felt he’d been gypped. He chose a well-known complaint site and posted a complaint against you for “how poorly you treated client”.

Now any one typed your company name or brand name in Search engine and this bad review coming in top results, this will heart you and your company and gain bad reputation.

How to prevent this Bad Reputation With Reverse SEO Strategies :-

1.You can contact the complaint site, showed them the correspondence and they took the complaint down. However, it took another month for the complaint to disappear from the SERPs; it was listed, but when you clicked on the link it redirected to the home page of the complaint site.

2. Buy a couple of domain name with the exact keywords and put unique content on each.

3. Buy yourself a press release, and then link to some of the sites that publish the release.

4. Get an article on a couple of independent blogs and get links to those as well.

5.These process can take several month so be patience.

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