It is not unheard of for a business to spend thousands on visitor conversion tactics. That practice has been tolerated, because many business owners think that they should pay a lot to insure that visitors are converted into customers. Businesses can actually get better conversion for less than $1 a day. 

What is this low-cost strategy? It is not the fancy software program that you might have read about on a site with huge red lettering and a lot of exclamation points. The strategy does not involve swamping your customers with numerous pop-ups that beg them to buy this, buy that, or sign up for something. The strategy is merely a pleasant invitation to chat with a helpful agent who is knowledgeable about the site's products and services. 

In a world in which most people regularly encounter computerized messages when they make a phone call to customer service to reach utility companies, retail stores, and just about any other business, they are delighted when they can connect with a real person. Most people also love to chat with others. This is evident in the number of people who send text messages, Twitter updates, and Facebook updates. Digital chatting seems to be a good way to ask questions, get answers, or just communicate with others. 

Site visitors who may not have made a purchase, signed up for a newsletter, or clicked on a few links on a site will perform these very actions after an actual chat sales person communicates with those visitors. People like to be acknowledged, and they loved it when they visit a website and could solve a problem. Site visitors really do not like to look all over the web for information, and sometimes a business might have what they are looking for, and the visitors do not realize it. 

A skilled chat receptionist can explain services and products to customers who have questions but do not have the inclination to complete an online form and wait a day or two for an answer. These visitors want immediate support. Perhaps a visitor would like to know the turn-around time to complete a service that you offer on your website. This question just popped into the visitor's head and he or she wants the information right away. A friendly Live Chat Sales receptionist greets the visitor and asks him or her if assistance is needed. The visitor asks the question, and the chat receptionist responds with accurate information. 

During the interaction, the chat receptionist was also able to obtain the visitor's name and contact information for further correspondence. That visitor is converted into a customer, because he or she is happy with your business's fast turnaround time, and the person feels that your company's chat system is a good reflection of your business. A customer who might not have bothered with sending an e-mail message to ask a question or a customer who couldn't find a specific answer on a site's FAQs could receive great customer service from a powerful sales team.

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