Sorry guys i have been out for months and haven't updated my blog, But during that period of time i learned so much about our subject and discover some new ways to make money online in India, Today I'm sharing one way here in this post.

Ecoomerce store:- If you are not familar with ecommerce store checkout site like Flipkart where visitors come and browse different products and buy online, Flipkart then ship product to there mailing address.

Now how you can have your own ecommerce store and where you will get products to sell online and make profit? Simple Did you know any wholeseller, supplier or producer at your place? Ya i know you know, Then decide what types of product you really want to sell online OK assuming you got your products then contact wholeseller, supplier and producer of that product and bargain price, Idea behind this is to to get products at control rate and you are going to make money by selling at market rate.

Once you got the best out of them then head over to create website, There are many online CMS by which you can launch your online store but i would recommended Magento which is SEO friendly. Now promote your store online by SEO, PPC or any medium you are comfortable, You can also ask your friends and your neighbours or any anyone to buy from your online store.

Shipping:-Contact your local courier service i would recommend contacting 5 different services and compare thier fees and choose cheapest out of them.

Bonus tip:-Select product which is popular in your area and people across country coming to your state to buy.

What can i do for you?:- I can help you to get your own online store, if you got the products to sell online also i can help to promote your store online via SEO, PPC but for all these you need to invest money so if you are ready then you can contact me at
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