Recently you may have heard lots of buzz about google over optimization penalty AKA Google Penguin Update
Now Let Learn More about Penguin Update:- With recent change in Google algorithm Google announced Another step to reward high-quality sites . Now what does that mean. Google wants natural website to rank higher in search engines.

Now Lets See Key Points About Penguin
1. Keyword Stuffing on website

2. participating in  Link scheme

3. building links with anchor text or too may exact match anchor text.

4.Aggressively used title tag, h1tag, footer

5.content stuffed with keywords.

These all the key points covered in Penguin. This may result in lowering your blog  traffic and  your blog might have lost keyword ranking and your blog stopped making money online.

Now how to overcome penguin
1.Use your title tag natural. suppose you offer laptop repair services in newyork, So your title might be " Laptop Repair, Laptop Services, Laptop Services Newyork"  Why this you can use all these  naturally Best practises. "Company Brand Name: Best laptop repair services in newyork"this looks natural.

2. Your h1tag should looks natural dont use your website title exactly in h1tag.

3. Use your footer links wisely. Dont stuff with eaxct match anchor text for your inner pages.

4. Make natural use of image alt tag.

5.Use google webmaster tool to get any notification or message about your website unnatural behavior.

6. Diversify your link building and anchor text
PRO tip:- Use 40:40:20 ratio in your anchor text.
USE  40% of your brand name in anchor text with money keywords for eg "yourbrandname laptop repair services".
Use 40% for natural words such as "click here, learn more"
Use 20% for your money keywords.

7. link pruning :- Find your unnatural links and ask webmaster please remove or alter the link anchor text. Bing has launched Disavow links tool in there webmaster. We can Disavow  links  that are unnatural to our website. Google announced this before  but not yet launched. Hey Google we are waiting.

8.Aggressive link building:-Have you ever been tempted to just take up one of the myriad offers to spend $10 to “get your site linked on thousands of pages?” We all have at some point. It is frustrating waiting on Google. Sometimes you might let yourself actually believe you can speed up the process by “aggressively” adding hundreds or thousands of links to your site from extremely useless and junky “neighborhoods.” DON'T USE IT.
Too often, companies simply don’t have the patience to wait things out and let things “naturally” build. For example, this Warrior Forum post is from someone who was nailed for “unnatural” link building because he built links a bit too quickly.
Websites, especially recently, are being hit for being aggressive with their anchor text use for their backlinks. As with many things in SEO, opinions will vary, but many would tell you that you would want a minimum of 35 percent of your backlinks to be links using your domain name/URL or some other “branded” link text. In fact, you might find that many of the top performing websites contain 50-80 percent “branded” anchor text.

9. Use social media more often to built links.

10. Your backlink should be relevant.
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