Create Killer Landing :- Create a killer landing page template for your click bank product.Write eye catching review.

Should remember these points.

1.Why buyer buy your product.What your product have that another don't have.
2.Post Testimonials with images.
3.Write descriptive content.

SEO :- There is only one way to reach your potential buyers - SEO. Research your best keywords. Use low competitive keywords so you get into your keyword traffic fast.

Some Techniques For link Building.

Directory Submission :- I saw many SEO expert take a project in hand and start building link from directories not in your niche or category.I would recommened to built links under your niche.Say if your product is about mp3 converter than try to find out directories those are related to your topic.This practise helps search engines to understand your website & indexing it fast for particular keyword.

Forum :- Participate in top forums, Better if your participate in your niche forum like mp3 forum.Put keyword rich anchor text in your signature.

Blog Commenting :- Find top blog in your niche and comment frequently.Try to be real with your comment."Nice Post", "Thanks For Info", "Thanks For Sharing" all this are old time commenting.Read blog post properly and comment, Ask question with your comment.

Congratulation :- Congratulation on your first click bank sell.Hey don't get exited this is just a beginning.
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