Why to Use long tail keywords

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As SEO (Search engine optimization) is growing with faster speed most of the major keywords are getting broader and webmasters falls in competition when they optimized their website.It's very difficult to top search engines for broader keywords.So it's better to use long tail keywords for your business to get online organic traffic.

People search things in a variety of different ways,and they search in this manner:

  • A person starts looking for new ipod they start their search with a head term like 'ipod'.
  • As the person learn more about topic,may be they decided they are most interested in 'Sony ipod',So they search for that short tail keyword 'Sony ipod' .
  • So now they decided to buy 'Sony ipod',but they want see if they can find a better deal.So the person starts using long tail terms like 'Sony ipod for under $500', 'cheap Sony ipod', etc.

Now you can probably understand that Short term keywords get more traffic but they convert less and long tail keyword get less traffic but they matched with human nature and convert more.Now you can probably understand why to Use long tail keywords.

Your keyword tool plays an important role for your keyword research so i recommend to use keywordspy tool for your keyword research:

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