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Getting traffic to website needs Top SEO for website.SEO helps in making website search engine freindly.So use the steps below to get your website SEO corrected.

Basically there are two types of SEO.

1.Onpage SEO.

2.Offpage SEO.

1.On-Page SEO:-Include

1.Title Tag:-Use Google keyword tool for your website title.Take less competetive title so that your website can be keep safe from competition in your niche.

Eg:-Suppose your website is about Weight Loss.Now go to Google keyword tool and write weight loss.Now Results are:-

healthy weight loss has 90,500 Montly searches.

herbal weight loss has 49,500 Montly searches.

weight loss tips has 246000 Monthly searches.

fast weight loss has 450000 Monthly searches.

weight loss supplement has 135000 Monthly searches.

See image:-

So its better to take Herbal Weight Loss as your title because it is less competitive keyword.

2.Now your title tag line:-It includes your secondary keyword You can use google keyword tool for your secondary keyword.

Eg :-Are you looking How to loose your weight fast than you are at right website.

Here How to loose your weight fast is your secondary keyword.

3.Meta tags:-Use your relevant keyword under this section.This will not show at your website layout but search engine will read it.

Eg:-meta name="Keywords" content="healthy weight loss , herbal weight loss , weight loss tips , fast weight loss, weight loss supplement"

meta name="Description" content="Are you looking to loose your weight fast than you are at right website."

4.h1 tag:-This section cover your article title,So use best relevant title for your article.

Eg:-Suppose your article is about "weight loss supplement".Than you can your title as "Best weight loss supplement". Here you can also use google keyword tool.

5.Now Content:-In SEO Content Is King Write content for readers not for search engine,your content should be easily understandable and fresh dont copy content from any where else write your own content. Use your main keywords in content.Density of keyword in content should be 2% or in 100 words article you should use only 2 keywords otherwise your website will over optimize and search engine may panelize your website.

6.Image Url and alt tags:-If you have uploaded image near your content than name your image at best possible keyword and use alt tags in url.

Eg:-Suppose your image is showing weight loss product than name your image name as so here i have used "weightloss" as image name.

Now alt tag:-

img src="weightloss.gif" width="10" height="10" alt="Learn to loss weight fast,weight loss supliment"

This helps search engine to recognize your images.

7.Sub url:-Website may have 10,20 or more pages you should always name your suburl with best possible keyword.

Eg:- Suppose your page is about weight loss program then name your page as webmaster name Suburl as this is bad SEO practise.

8.Rss Feeds:-Every website should have RSS feeds If you dont have RSS feeds than have it for your website at .

9.Burn your Rss feeds:-Burn your Rss feeds at

10.Submit your website to google webmaster central at

11.Site map:-Create your sitemap at and submit it at google webmaster tool.

12.Site map helps in getting indexed each and very page of website in Google.

These are some Onpage SEO tecnique


2.Off page SEO:-It includes

Submiting website in:-

1.Search Engines.



Bing ETC.

2.Submitting website in Social Bookmarking site like:-

3.Submitting website in forums like:-

Mambo Foundation
Simple Machines
Name Pros
Loan Officer Forum
IQ69 Forum
Hot4s Forum
Mysql Forum
AMD Forum
Intel Software Community
CNET Forum

4.Submitting website in Directories like:-

5.Submitting your website RSS feeds:-

You can find heavy list of RSS directories here at

6.Writing articles and submitting them with your website link to articles directories like:-

1. EzineArticles

2. GoArticles

3. WebProNews

4. ArticleDashboard

5. SearchWarp

6. PubsACS

7. ArticleBase

8. Isnare

9. Buzzle

10. ArticleCity

11. IdeaMarketers

12. Site Reference

7.Submtting your videos in you tube with your website URL.

On page includes more techiques like Links Juice,Link Baiting,Link Wheel,Keyword Stuffing.You can check those in my past blog entry at Top Backlink Strategies.

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