First of all before writing more on podcast i will like to define what is podcast with the help of wikepedia defination:-"A podcast is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication. The term "podcast" originally derives its name from the iPod, a portable media player device manufactured by Apple which contributed to spread podcasts to the mainstream audience."

How To Make A Podcast-How To Increase Online Traffic Through Podcast:-

Website owner's and blogger's always looking to get website traffic through various source and resources available online with different names and methods for eg:-Forum posting,blogging,directory submission,Building Social media network Etc.Now iam adding Podcast as an digital source to get online traffic to your website,Although many early news breaker talk about the podcast but here iam writing for my blog reader's.

How podcast can increase traffic:-I have describe Podcast is an digital source but how?.Answer:- You can download podcast directly to the PC, iPods/MP3 players and mobile phones!.So your reader's can read Whoops Sorry HEAR you at any place and if they find your product interesting then they will buy it.

Now is there any tool to create podcast url free for website And answer is Adiogo.Adiogo is free tool for creating podcast for your website or blog.

See the steps below to create podcast.

1.Go to

2.Sign up with your Your Blog or Feed URL (if you don't have your website feeds then create one at Now feedity will provide you a url then burn it at now your feeds are ready.)

3.Fill up Your Email.

4.After 15min adiogo will send you email containing your podcast feeds Url.

5.Now with your podcast feeds you are all set to get digital traffic to your website.

Now you have to submit your podcast feeds to various podcast directories.You can find these podcast directories by searching "List of free podcast directory" or "Submit Podcast" in Google search.

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