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Link Juice:-Links pointing to your site with dofollow attribute shares there pagerank with you in another words you are getting link juice from them to your website.This improve your search ranking,So try to get link juice from top websites under your niche.Social media websites are top resoures for getting link juice.

Link Baiting:-Writing some thing controversal in your website or getting readers attractions to your content.Readers link back to your content not because you asked them but they want to is called link baiting.

Link wheel:-See Image
create your OWN web 2.0 properties in the form of wordpress MU sites and point them to a money site.It help you in ranking high.

Keyword Stuffing:-This is an wrong SEO practise your site might get ban in search engines using this Seo techniques.Suppose your site is about leather wallets so your best keword may be "Quality Leather Wallets" so with this keyword you are also using keyword "Sun glass" in hidden form may be because you know that majority of people are searching for "Sun glass" in search engines.
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