Seo techniques:- With little Seo techniques you can change your website perfomance on search engines.

Anchor text
When you create a link to another page or another site of yours, don't just use "click here" or "go" as the anchor text. Basically, don't do this:
To join our Make Money Online training,
click here.
Instead, use the keywords related to that page:

Join now our
Make Money Online training.

Pages title
Give a different title to each page, use keywords related to the page.

Search engines (through their spiders) are indexing text content from your pages. So the first thing you have to do, is make sure you have plenty of text, related to the subject of your web site. The context of the words is also very important, so don't just list hundreds of keywords. Write correct sentences, repeating several times the words you want to focus on. Try to use all the synonyms you know. Eventually, don't correct your typos or mistakes, people will do the same typos when they do a research!

HTML tags H1, H2, B, U...
Use the headers tags for your titles and subtitles, search engine will give more importance to those texts.
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