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What is Shreeonlinejobs.com

Shreeonlinejobs.com is blog designed for anyone looking How to Make Money Online.

My Introduction

I'am Sachin bisaani from India,I started my online Career On Sep2006.I remember i overcome from fever and looking for job and struggling.My father is business man or i would say big and rich business man but some wrong business decision went to heavy losses and debts.I want to study more but my situation does't allowed me iam desperately looking for job,Than i my childhood friend Amber Mehta took me to cyber cafe and ask me to learn HTML and Make Money Online with Adsence he deposited fees for the course because he knew that i can't afford it.I started my course,there my teacher Mr Hemant Porwal thought me about AdSense concept,We are 3 students.Actually they are not HTML classes but AdSense classes,we use to make only one page with little HTML tactics and submit to AdSense for review ,After approval we used to add ads and promote them by posting on classified soon results came and i got my first AdSense check in Jan2007 of $189 i showed the check to Amber and thanked for all his help.

Road To Shreeonlinejobs.com

Soon things start changing because i use to search google for the term Make Money Online and regularly visiting top websites,Their is guilt in heart how to built website and blog like them because my page is only designed for AdSense with only 300 words of content on page and rest are google ads.I started looking for ideas to built blogs like them and got success in 2008 with shreeonlinejobs.blogspot.com.I learned how to start blog now my blog is full of content instead of ads.Now i started using different technique of getting traffic to my blog like forum posting,directories along with classified posting.

SEO learing

One day my teacher Mr hemant Porwal told me about his new website and it's cost $300 i ask him why this much amount he replayed that the website will be optimized with six keyword and for all keyword website will definitely rank on top.I ask what is optimizing ,than he told me about SEO(Search Engine Optimization).I too want to invest in this project for my website but i had to arrange money and the source is AdSense.Now I started searching for the term SEO from here i became reader from blogger.After 3 month i started applying SEO on my blog and got success in getting organic traffic from search engine.I told my teacher that we have wasted $300 because no one guarantee that i will optimize your website for five,ten or hundred keywords.Today i can say that i am very much eligible to join any SEO company.

Tranfering shreeonlinejobs.blogspot.com to Custom Domain

On 5Ausust2008 i transfer my blog to dot com.Iam really enjoying my online journey recently on 5Ausust2008 i celebrate my blog anniversary.

Learning CSS And PHP

Recently i joined CSS and PHP classes in Indore at stepping stone.Idea behind is i want to became multiple or single package for any company i will work in future.CSS,PHP,SEO all in one.

Blog i Thank

I especially thanks ALAN LIEW blogmoneymakerinfo.blogspot.com.I had learned a lot from his blog and my blog template is also like his blog also KELLER HAWTHORNE www.fresheventure.com for his help.She replayed my comment on his blog asking me to add about me page on my blog to built relation with readers and to gain reputation.

Income From Shreeonlinejobs.com

Now i make $500 from shreeonlinejobs not good but i am trying for Best.
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