Microsoft affiliate network on web is know extending to masses,In course of my searching for new affiliate program or any opportunities that can help communities looking to make some money online.As my blog is totally based on the topic "make money online" and contributing in series of my blog post about my topic,Iam sharing my experience about microsoft affiliate program.
Microsoft Afiliate Program:-Microsoft Afiliate Program presently have 3 offers that you can promote and make money and those 3 program are US based,But dont loose your confident still you can join and promote it to US,In future they are extending it to other countries.Now about 3 offers.
Microsoft adcenter:-Promote adCenter and earn a cash bounty for each new U.S. based subscribers.
Windows Live OneCare:-You will paid $3.00 for each U.S. and Canadian-based download of the 90-day free trial.
Windows Live Toolbar:-You will Earn $1.00 for each U.S. based completed installation.
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