Shareapic: Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on there servers,but what makes them different from the rest?Shareapic has came with a unique idea,they have revenue sharing model that reward users for refering or directing friends,family or any internet community to see their hosted images.What you have to do just host a gallery with good pictures share it with others and make money sharing pictures.They will also pay you if you link your photos to MySpace, eBay, blogs, forums, or anywhere,and if you are google adsense publisher you can add google ads to your gallery and make more money with your sharing.

Referral program:shareapic also have Referral program after signup shareapic provide you with your refferral code.Each time you refer a new user, you earn 10% of their image views forever! For more read shareapic faq.
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